Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spirit of Christmas

Wow. Lock me in the house all day with pouring, driving rain lashing against the door, my camera, a pot of coffee, two hyped-up kitties, and – voila! Craziness ensues. Kitties crash and play and destroy things faster than a speeding train wreck.

Cats are marveled at for their grace, aloof independence, and serious hunting skills. But i love them for a different reason. After a hard romp through the house, they stop their play as i pass by. Little happy faces look up at me with bright eyes that say, “We know you’re different than us – but you can still come and play! Come on, won’t you play with us?” So off i go – forgetting my debts, my failures, my worries for family and friend – and i play. String. Ball. Choo Choo Train in a Box. What’s Under the Bag? Run Through the House – Just Because – I Can Run! All sorts of kitty games. It doesn’t matter how i play the game – for them – it’s that i’m playing. How can i be angry for long at their messes and sometimes destructive antics? They are the friends that never judge – i’m invited to play – even though i’m another race.

I bend over the sink to wash my face and a kitty bumps and rubs her head against mine; her eyes are closed in contentment and her soft purr fills my ears. I dry my face off and burry my nose in her fur and breath deep – kitties always smell good. I feel positively relaxed.

It’s a cold, windy and wet night. From a deep sleep i wake to find a warm furry body next to mine. I stir. A tiny warm paw stretches out and touches my face so delicately, “Isn’t this wonderfully cozy?”

I’m sitting on the couch drinking a hot cup of tea. The Christmas lights and candles are lit. I watch the night sky deepen as wind blows leaves all around the balcony. And two kitties nestle around me. All is still and quiet.

Some say we don’t, and can’t, speak the same language as Animals, but i disagree. We speak the language of happiness. Of togetherness. Of being. Of understanding. We speak the language of Living. What more is there? All else is unnecessary drama. This to me then is the real spirit of the season. What better gift, during this time of giving, than that of friendship and sharing the love of Life? It is both the gift we want to be given and the gift we want to give – all year long.

So to all of you, i wish you the great joy of friendship. May warmth and laughter fill all your days!

Be safe – Be happy – Be kind!


We have different ideas of what playing is...obviously this is fun for me!  ;-)

"Merry Christmas!," says i.  ;-)  "Put us down and let's play!," says the Kitties!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The First Snowfall

The first snowfall never fails to make me smile. Crisp and white. Peacefully silent. So exciting! Nothing brings on that happy winter feeling like fresh, clean snow. One winter storm, and the next day, white bliss! The feeling is like having all the drudge, all the boredom, the old arguments, the sadness, the rudeness, all the loneliness, and mind-numbing routine of our lives, obliterated. For a moment the weight is lifted – we breathe – the ugliness we imagine our lives to be is wiped away and all the World is Perfect. Aaaaahh! So fresh, so pure!

With visions so delicate and lovely – it would be a shame to weigh them down with words. So enjoy the quietness of snow. My gift from me to you!

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”