Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Birthday!

April 27, 2013

Dad would have been 80 today.  I miss him.  I miss his funny humor.  I miss him singing Christmas songs in the summer.  I miss him tapping his shoes together when he was sitting in his favorite chair and you brought him ice cream or some yummy sweet treat.  I miss seeing him look up at the full moon on a clear night – how he would study that night sky as if he saw something that I could not.  I miss the way he smelled.  I miss his smile.  His enthusiasm for an adventure – even when it was a place we had been 100 times before, Dad always made every excursion like it was a first – he made things fun.  I miss the way he hugged me. 

 Happy birthday.  I love you, Dad.  You are who I want to be when I grow up.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pure Fire and Spirit

I walked into an equestrian center the other night and immediately fell in love all over again.  The stables.  The riding outfits.  The smell of horse, leather, and hay.  I breathed in that scent.  Aaahhhh…  Scents are one of the most powerful emotional aphrodisiacs.  They link us to feelings that have no words.  They link us to images.  They link us to time and place. 

It’s been many years since I rode.  Many years since I mucked out a stall, tossed hay, and filled water buckets.  I use to ride in England.  Tall, muscular horses that absolutely thrilled and amazed me.  I was never a good rider.  But I had no such lofty goals of being a jumper or cross country champion.  I simply wanted to experience the Horse.  To touch the soul of a being that was so much grander – so much more graceful than I.  Horses.  Magnificent!

Memories washed over me the instant I walked into that arena – that smell of horse – and I watched the show with both great love and great longing.  There is refined aesthetic beauty in the limbs of a horse.  As I lean against the railing, transfixed by the spectacle, I suddenly have a vision – with every Sun flare, that fiery energy is reborn here on Earth, as a newborn foal.  They are pure fire and spirit.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's Our President

An article came out in our local paper just a few days before the Inaugural Address.  The piece stated how many Washington Republicans were going on mini vacations and laying low during the swearing in ceremonies and celebrations because they found no reason to celebrate.  I found the article very disturbing.  No matter who you backed or who you voted for, the President is the president of all of us.  In this time of unrest, suspicion, and separatist notion that we are this group or that, of all the peoples in the Nation, the politicians should be the voice of solidarity.  Of unity.  They should be urging us to embrace our brother and sister because they are our fellow American.  Not showing their collective backsides as to how petty and self-absorbed they can be.  We have reality TV and soap operas for that.

No matter how far left or right the politicians are, it is their responsibility to lead us by example in the manners of being everything that is good about our Country - the strength, the compassion, the power, the belief that we live in the best country in the World.  We are one Nation.  Not petty, squabbling fiefdoms.

Or are we?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Time...

Well Life always makes it - interesting -  and i am so far behind in posting i'm quite sure people believe this blog is defunct (that's a cool word).  But rest assured, i am alive and kicking though a bit bedraggled and worn.  Since my Father passed, i have moved from California to Florida.  Many of you followed my journey across the States on my YouTube Channel - thanks for the support.

So i've finally settled into Pensacola and am now back to getting creative.  Hopefully entertaining too!