Who Am I That You Should Care?

Who am i? I'm just like you. We laugh at silly things that no one else thinks is funny. Some days we like the rain. And on other days – it’s sunshine all around. We like good food – cookies right out of the oven, fresh cooked pizza, a squishy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, anything off the grill – and we know it all tastes better when shared with good company. We have loads of people we know, but only a few we call friends. We like the feeling of being in love. We don’t like telling our friends bad news. We have a little black book we keep in our head of embarrassing moments and humiliating faults that we share with NO ONE. And if God couldn’t already get into our heads, we wouldn’t share it with Him either… So in fact, we share more similarities than differences – you and i.

So who am i? I’m just like you. Only me-er.